National Hearing Dog Day marks the annual celebration of Australia’s first Hearing Assistance Dog, Amber, who was delivered on April 19th 1982. Over 40 years ago, Amber was provided free-of-charge to a Deaf recipient who resided in metropolitan South Australia. 

In the decades since, Australian Lions Hearing Dogs has extended its impactful reach, training and delivering over 700 Hearing Assistance Dogs to individuals across Australia who are deaf or hard of hearing. From Albany in West Australia to Far North Queensland, these Hearing Assistance Dogs have made a significant difference in the lives of their recipients. 

This year, National Hearing Dog Day is providing a platform to celebrate Hearing Assistance Dogs of all shapes and sizes, underscoring the diversity and uniqueness of each individual companion, and that not just one breed of dog can change someone’s life for the better. 

This is our opportunity to share stories of the Hearing Dogs that have changed and saved lives! Remember, not just one breed of dog can become a Hearing Assistance Dog and change someone’s life for the better. 

So, let’s make this day an unforgettable one!

Planning and Decorating

Celebrate the day with some of our PR materials, made especially to help you get your event ready for National Hearing Dog Day!

This planning checklist will guide you through the event/fundraiser planning process to help you succeed
ALHD Bunting
For decorations, print off these bunting templates, cut out, and hang up with string or ribbon around your event
Event and activity budget
This event budget will help you plan your expenses, activities, and income, to track your net funds raised
Print off this thermometer fundraising tracker and colour it in to show your fundraising progress!
Donation Tin labels that fit Avery L7168 label templates, these are suitable for larger donation buckets and tins
Donation Tin labels that fit Avery 99x67-R label templates, these are suitable for small cylindrical donation tins


Hear the stories from Puppy Socialiser Lynda and ALHD Sponsors and long-time supporters Faye and Robert.

Advertising and Marketing

To advertise your event, you can use the below social media assets and posters to promote your activity.

Insert this email banner in your email signature to advertise your event; you can even link it to any online fundraising pages!
You can download this image to use as a Facebook Event header image to grab attention
Use this image on Facebook to grab attention to any post you might be sharing
Posting to Instagram too? Use this adorable image to accompany any posts
Change your profile picture on social media to promote your passion
Download this A4 poster, complete the details and print off to advertise your event

Colouring In Activities

If you have children attending an event, or looking for some activities to do with kids in the school holidays or on the weekends, below are some colouring-in pages you can download and print off! These drawings are real ALHD trainers and their Assistance Dogs in training, designed just for fun.

Still need help?

We have a small but effective team that will do our best to support you to run an event or raise funds for Australian Lions Hearing Dogs. Any help or questions, feel free to contact us at or call our Training Centre at 08 8388 7836.