Siblings Faye and Robert are part of a hearing-impaired family and share a home together in Sydney. They became involved with the Australian Lions Hearing Dogs about ten years ago when Faye received a Hearing Dog named Sydney, a beautiful female Beaglier.

Having experienced how Hearing Assistance Dog Sydney impacted their lives, Faye and Robert got in touch with us to inquire about how they can further help other hearing-impaired Australians experiencing the same benefits as them. After a further discussion with us, they discovered our sponsorship program which they thought was too good to miss. The sponsorship program involves Faye and Robert naming one of our puppies and them being given the opportunity to follow along that pups journey from 8 weeks old in the Puppy Program till the dogs are delivered to their recipient at 15 months. They receive a cute birth certificate, monthly updates of their progress as well as cute monthly photos of them throughout their time at Australian Lions Hearing Dogs.

ALHD Sydney – Faye’s Hearing Assistance Dog.

Faye and Robert absolutely love reading about their funny antics and learning about all their individual personalities as they travel through their journeys to become a future Assistance Dog.

The dog Faye and Robert got to sponsor was cute Labradoodle who they named Honey. They followed Honey’s journey from when she was a puppy right up until she got delivered to her recipient in Victoria. Since then, they have generously helped five gorgeous Hearing Assistance and one Medical Alert Dog throughout their journey to become fully accredited Assistance Dogs. Every single one of these dogs have impressed the siblings “Each one is an angel in our eyes”. They are confident they will improve the life of their lucky recipients in many ways than one.

Having had Sydney for some time now, they know exactly what its like to be gifted an Australian Lions Hearing Dog. “She has changed our lives for the better and gives us a reason to go out for walks together. The peace of mind we have gained knowing she will immediately alert us to various sounds that we may not hear is very comforting,” Faye says. They both ensure that anyone who receives a Hearing Assistance Dog will appreciate the many benefits that our dogs can provide.

We sincerely thank both Faye and Robert for their continued support to our dogs. We are so grateful for their generosity and love to see how Sydney enhances their lives. 

ALHD Honey – Lovingly named and sponsored by Faye and Robert.