Become a Puppy Socialiser

Being a Puppy Socialiser is a life-changing experience for our volunteers and a role without which we can’t continue our programs. The Puppy Socialisation program recruits volunteers that are able to commit to taking a young puppy into their home and fostering them before they are ready to enter full-time training to become an Assistance Dog. If interested, please read the eligibility criteria and submit your application today.

You must:

  • Commit to caring for a puppy for approximately eight-ten months.
  • Be working part-time or less, or are able to take a pup to your workplace.
  • Be willing to work with one of our Puppy Socialisation Instructors regularly to support the puppy’s development and progress.
  • Spend time with the puppy daily and provide regular exercise and mental stimulation.
  • Hold a current driver’s license.
  • Be willing to have the puppy sleep inside your house, in a crate.
  • Have a secure, fully fenced yard.
Teddy Foster Carers
Maxie at home

It costs nothing to get involved, but your time is incredibly valuable to us. ALHD provides all food, equipment, bedding, and Veterinary care for all puppies in the program; we ask that you make yourself available to give each puppy a loving home to grow into.

The program includes regular visits at your home, training sessions in a local public space, or at our National Training Centre at Verdun in the Adelaide Hills. We will arrange puppy preschool classes at our Training Centre or at another facility approved by ALHD. We will always be available to support you and the puppy.

If you don’t meet each of the aforementioned criteria, please still make contact with us to discuss eligibility to help with emergency accommodation, or caring for puppies short-term care. We encourage anyone interested to complete the below form or contact our Puppy Socialisation team at 08 8388 7836 or

Please express your interest in the Puppy Socialisation program by completing the form below.