Public Access & Identifying a Hearing Assistance Dog

All accredited Hearing Assistance Dogs have public access rights. 

What does that mean? It means that they have the same access as Guide Dogs for the Blind; there are only a small handful of places that can deny access to a Hearing Assistance Dog.

A Hearing Assistance Dog will be accredited when they have been assessed and passed a full Public Access Test; a test that is completed by a qualified Assessor of Australian Lions Hearing Dogs. Each Hearing Assistance Dog owner or handler will also be supplied with an official ID card, including a photo of the accredited dog. 

Hearing Dog Dexter

Questions regarding accreditation or access can be directed to our Program Director at or 0417 859 668

Access Rights & Advocacy Contacts

Australian Human Rights Commission
(02) 9284 9600

Attorney General’s Department
(02) 6141 6666

NEW SOUTH WALES – New South Wales Public Service Commission
(02) 9272 6000

Australian Capital Territory Human Rights Commission
(02) 6205 2222

Anti-Discrimination Commission Queensland
1300 130 670

Northern Territory Anti Discrimination Commission
1800 813 846

Equal Opportunity Tasmania
1300 305 062

Victorian Equal Opportunities & Human Rights Commission
1300 292 153

South Australian Equal Opportunity Commission
(08) 8207 1977

Western Australia Equal Opportunities Commission
(08) 9216 3900