Sponsor a Puppy

Becoming a Puppy Sponsor is an exciting opportunity to contribute directly to one of our puppies in training. It costs just under $40,000 to raise each puppy to become an Assistance Dog, and we cannot do it without your support. By sponsoring a puppy, you will receive monthly updates on their growth and development in the puppy program and their training journey to become a Hearing Assistance Dog.

Sponsor Betty's puppies

Betty was a natural mother right from the start, falling in love with her newborns the moment they came out into the world. She was there to meet all of their needs, from nourishment to playtime.

The puppies are now in volunteer homes, receiving training and guidance from their Puppy Carers, ALHD Trainers, and learning to be well-mannered puppies ready for when they enter the training programs.

Your support will help these seven adorable puppies to become fully accredited Hearing Assistance Dogs and Medical Alert Dogs, changing the lives of Australians in need.


Introducing Cas from Betty’s Litter!

This adorable one will be training in the Hearing Assistance Dog program. She was named by the Lions Club of Darwin Casuarina.

She loves belly rubs and absolutely adores attention! 

Puppy Cas
Puppy Chester


Next is Chester! This puppy is mature and cool, like a cucumber. 

He will be part of the Medical Alert Program and was named by the Lions Club of Battunga Country. 

Chester will start his Medical Alert Dog training soon, where he will navigate the world of scent training!


This adorable boy may look shy, but he’s a bundle of love! He loves playing in the fields and cuddling in your arms!

Like his big brother, Chester, Clive will be part of the Medical Alert Dog Program and will be part of the scent training world soon. 

He was named by the Lions Club of Rochedale Springwood. 




This sweet boy was named by Hahndorf Lions. 

Did you know that ‘CODA’ stands for ‘Child Of Deaf Adult’, a term given to children of Deaf parents?

We are all so excited to see Coda become a wonderful Hearing Assistance Dog.


Look at how cute his little white nose and chin are!

Dunsy, being the big brother of the litter, is the most confident one of them all. 

He will also be going into the Hearing Assistance Dog Program, and we just know he will smash every task that comes his way. 

Dunsy was named by the Dunsborough Lions Club.



The next little girl we have up is Leah! 

She just adores playing with her siblings and tackling one another onto the ground!

Leah will follow her brothers, Chester and Clive, in joining the Medical Alert Dog Program and learning the works of becoming a Diabetic Alert Dog.

She was named by the Lions Club of Tailem Bend. 


Lastly, cute little Ziva, named by Lions Club of Modbury.

Ziva is the smallest of her siblings and is an absolute gem. Just look at those puppy dog eyes! 

She is the last of the litter to join the Medical Alert Program and we just know she will become an amazing Diabetic Alert Dog.