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Getting involved in our community is important to us, and you will regularly find our trainers speaking with local community groups, Lions Clubs, schools, lifestyle villages, after school care, workplaces and more, about the incredible services we provide across Australia. Trainers are often accompanied by one of our Hearing Assistance Dogs or Medical Alert Dogs in training, and a training demonstration is shared of how our dogs’ work.

There are several ways we can get involved with your group or event:

We come to you

If you are located in the greater Adelaide & Hills regions, you can submit a request on behalf of your group to have some of our team and a dog in training visit and give a presentation on our incredible work and services we provide.

The visit usually includes two attendees, at least one being from the training team, and an Assistance Dog in training. We will give a brief yet thorough introduction to the group about the history of Australian Lions Hearing Dogs, the services we provide, and how we provide them. This is then followed by a demonstration of the dog in attendance responding to household sounds and how this transfers into the home.

We do not formally charge a fee to visit a group, but we do ask that you kindly consider a donation to Australian Lions Hearing Dogs. We are 100% funded by donations and appreciate any contribution your group or club can make towards our work and our time.

PKF Adelaide Lenny Puppy
Marcello demo

Visit our National Training Centre in the Adelaide Hills*

We love to host social groups, clubs, and all sorts of visitors at our National Training Centre in Verdun but booking in advance is essential. A visit to our Training Centre also includes a walk around our facility, where you can meet some of our puppies and dogs in training and explore some of the acreage that our facilities have stood on for now over 40 years.

A visit to our Training Centre can vary depending on the size of the group and the weather on the day. As we do not have high-capacity infrastructure at our facility, larger groups (30+) will either be seated outside in one of our garden areas, or inside and split up into two groups.

We kindly ask for a donation of $5 per person in attendance to assist us in the progression of our Hearing Assistance and Medical Alert Dog training programs. Merchandise is always available for sale at our Training Centre, with all profits coming back to the organisation to cover our operations.

*Please note that we will not be able to take any bookings to visit our training centre after the 19th of April. 

Invite us to present online

We only have one physical location, in the Adelaide Hills in South Australia. As a national organisation, this can make it hard for us to reach you, and you to reach us! Utilising various online technology, we are regularly attending events, meetings, and presentations across the country, giving us the ability to spread the word about Australian Lions Hearing Dogs.

Of course, this method of presenting means we can’t get a dog to you, but rest assured our engaging presentations and speakers will keep your group entertained just as well.

Marci on Zoom

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