Are You Interested in Applying For a Hearing Dog?

We assess every application for a Hearing Assistance Dog as an individual case. A Hearing Dog is not for everyone; we want to make sure that a Hearing Dog is the most suitable aid for you.

We welcome expressions of interest from people who:

  • are at least 18 years old
  • have a severe to profound hearing loss
  • can demonstrate a real need for a Hearing Assistance Dog
  • have a securely contained area for the dog to enjoy free-run time
  • can maintain the dog’s training for the whole of its life (with support from ALHD trainers)
  • are physically and financially able to care for a Hearing Assistance Dog, and genuinely like dogs
  • do not have another dog—any other pet is OK.

Even if you do not currently meet all these criteria, we encourage you to contact us to discuss your individual circumstances. All applicants are assessed individually and are not assessed based on race, gender or religion.

In all cases, once you express an interest we will contact you or your representative to find out more about you. We will then send you a full application package and discuss your options with you.

Application Checklist

You must:

  • fill out the application form yourself, if possible
  • provide a medical report from your doctor (details supplied in the application package)
  • provide a written report of a recent hearing test from an audiologist
  • provide a character reference from someone other than a member of your family
  • provide a signed application agreement
  • If you have a job, a Hearing Assistance Dog will only be suitable if it can be at work with you in safety and comfort

To obtain an application form or to discuss the possibility of getting a Hearing Assistance Dog, please contact us.