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CEO Update

Winter is the season of puppies at the Training Centre as we recently welcomed eight little Labradoodles from Daisy; our very first homebred pups. As of today the pups are seven weeks old, and will head to their new foster homes in a week. Here, they will learn how to be good canine citizens before they start their formal Assistance Dog training. Daisy has been a great mum and has helped the puppies in their development and socialisation up to this point. 

We are also having the puppies from our very first litter come into training. By the end of August, Hero, Curtis, Faye, Robert and Reece will be well on their way to becoming Assistance Dogs and, hopefully, on track to being placed early 2023. 

Thank you to Alpen Ridge Labradoodles for the very generous donation which helped establish our breeding program. 

With so many puppies around I have taken on one of our youngsters personally; Border Terrier “Frodo” is now being fostered by my family. Frodo gets to come to work with me everyday and joins me as I visit Lions Clubs spreading the word of Hearing Dogs. He then gets to come home and enjoy his new family of Huskies as they teach him how to get into all sorts of trouble. 

If you are interested in following Frodo’s journey to becoming a Hearing Assistance Dog, you can become one of his puppy sponsors and receive monthly updates on how he is progressing all the way until he is placed, just go on our donation page here.