Training Our Dogs

Training a Hearing Assistance Dog

Training a Hearing Assistance Dog takes approximately 6 months and is split into two parts; public access and sound training.

An Australian Lions Hearing Dog has the same public access rights as a guide dog for the blind. It is essential therefore that they are comfortable and relaxed in a range of outdoor settings. Consequently, trainee Hearing Assistance Dogs are put through an intensive socialisation program where they are trained to accompany their future deaf or hard of hearing owners into shops, restaurants, workplaces and on public transport.

The second part of their training focuses on alerting their future recipient to sounds. All our dogs are taught to respond and physically alert their owners to 10 common household sounds including mobile phones, people knocking at the door, alarm clocks, babies crying and smoke alarms. This is also customised to each recipient, ensuring that their Hearing Assistance Dog will work to their individual requirements.