The Application Process

The first step is to read through the eligibility criteria, then complete and submit your application for an Australian Lions Hearing Dog. We will then contact you, or your representative, to discuss your application and confirm if you have been added to our waiting list.

Applicants are matched with dogs most often in order of application and a dog most suited to your circumstances moving through the training program.

Demand for our Hearing Assistance Dogs is very high and continues to increase. Currently, our waiting list is between eighteen months to two years.

Once you have made the decision to bring a Hearing Assistance Dog into your life, we imagine you will be keen to know how you are progressing in the queue. We will keep in touch and are available to be contacted at any time.

As we get closer to being able to provide you with a suitable dog, we will be in touch to discuss the dog that has been earmarked for you and a likely delivery date, this happens a few months prior to delivery. At this point, depending on your location, either one of our training team, or a member of a local Lions Club, will meet with you to check your living circumstances. This will confirm that you are ready to accept a Hearing Assistance Dog into your life or if anything has changed since your application that might impact on your ability or desire to care for a dog.

Woman and dog kneeling in front of a banner with the Australian Lions Hearing Dogs logo
ALHD Recipient Maria with her Hearing Assistance Dog, Sadie