Lauren Dolman

About Lauren

Lauren is ALHD’s newest Trainer recruit, commencing her cadetship in early 2021. Lauren is an eager Trainer and is enjoying her time strengthening her dog training skills.

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Kathy Guidi

About Kathy

Kathy first joined the ALHD in early 2020 as an Assistant Trainer, after spending 12 months in a volunteer role working with our dogs in training. Kathy’s role supports the role of Trainer when dogs are in sound training, setting off sounds and ensuring the Training Centre has the necessary tools to complete a session. Kathy’s role also supports the dog and Trainer team on outings and walks, participates in dog obedience sessions, and observes from a third-party perspective.

When Kathy’s not working, she is spending time with her husband and twin daughters, and her Miniature Pinscher, Icy, who weighs in at only 2kg!

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Linda Harvey

About Linda

Linda is ALHD’s longest-serving team member. Linda’s role as Assistant Trainer is so support dog and Trainer teams in sound training sessions by setting off sounds and ensuring a smooth training session for all parties.

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