Darren Coldwell

About Darren

Darren is a long-term team member at Australian Lions Hearing Dogs and first started back in 2004 as a Trainer. Darren is now the Program Director overseeing the dog training program, and ensuring all deaf and hard of hearing applicants receive a Hearing Assistance Dog that will change their life.

Darren has a long history of working with dogs, working as a Dog Handler in the RAAF for many years prior to starting at ALHD.

Darren enjoys cooking at his oceanside home, and is a great Western Bulldogs fan (we don’t hold that against him!).

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Belinda Henschke

About Belinda

Belinda is ALHD’s Office Manager and has been with the team for over twenty years. Belinda first started as a Trainer in 1999 before taking on a career change to oversee the administration operations of ALHD. Belinda is the first point of contact for the organisation, as well as managing ALHD’s social media, overseeing the application process, and managing financials.

Belinda spends her weekends with her family, and her “failed” Hearing Dog, Erik, hiking or exploring local eateries. As a long-serving member of ALHD, Belinda appreciates the genuine team environment of the organisation and considers many of her workmates her close friends.

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Alix Katala

About Alix

Alix started at Australian Lions Hearing Dogs in January 2020, bringing with her close to ten years of fundraising and non-profit experience. Alix’s main goals at ALHD are to raise vital funds for our dog program, to continue us to train and place Hearing Assistance Dogs with people in need across the nation.

Alix has a passion for charitable initiatives, especially the disability sector and service dogs.

In her personal time, Alix enjoys gardening on her Adelaide Hills property, cooking, and spending time with her family and much-loved pooch, Pickle.

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Jodie Snudden

About Jodie

Jodie is the ALHD Kennel Manager and Volunteer Coordinator and is responsible for the maintenance and running of the on-site kennel and day yards at our National Training Centre in the Adelaide Hills. At any one time, there are up to 20 dogs in training and living on-site. Jodie has been working with Australian Lions Hearing Dogs for many years, first starting as a Kennel Attendant.

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Laura Harris

About Laura

Laura commenced as a Cadet Trainer in 2018 and not long after graduating from her cadetship in 2020, was promoted to the role of ‘Project Coordinator’ for the Medical Alert Dog program, developing an Assistance Dog program to alert people to Type 1 Diabetes when there is a change to their blood sugar levels.

Laura is still currently training some Hearing Assistance Dogs as part of her portfolio, but is working with a variety of puppies in the program to teach scent training.

Laura has two cats, Alfie and Storm. Storm is a special needs cat, who is blind, and Alfie who is a playful and affectionate cat. Laura enjoys spending time with them, and owns over 80 houseplants, crowning her the ‘crazy plant lady’ of ALHD.

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Mary Knight

About Mary

Mary first started at Australian Lions Hearing Dogs in 1999 as Kennel Manager, before moving into a role as Trainer, making Mary one of the longest-serving staff members of ALHD. Mary is now the Puppy Coordinator, and oversees the procurement, growth, and development of all puppies in our Foster Carer program.

Mary has a great interest in the Deaf community and is heavily-invested in her Auslan studies. All ALHD staff are required to take Auslan classes, and Mary’s passion for Auslan has encouraged staff as a group to practice Auslan on a fortnightly basis to support one another to constantly improve our skills.

When not at work, Mary spends time on her farmland property where she houses sheep, chickens, and her whippet, and enjoys sewing, crafting, and gardening.

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Nick Liemandt

About Nick

Nick started in 2018 as a Cadet Trainer and recently completed his cadetship, making him an additional Trainer to our dog training team. Nick has now been working at ALHD for two years, and his favourite part of the job is building a bond with his dogs to learn their unique personalities and quirks. Nick has a background working with both dogs and cats, previously working for AWL for a number of years.

When Nick isn’t working, he plays a variety of instruments and enjoys hiking and kayaking. Nick was also born in Colorado Springs in the USA, only an hour’s drive from the International Hearing Dogs training centre!

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Bella Pearson

About Bella

Bella started as a Cadet Trainer in 2017 and is part of the Training Team here at Australian Lions Hearing Dogs, responsible for the training and delivering of Hearing Assistance Dogs. Bella enjoys taking boisterous and difficult dogs into her training program and working hard to turn them into successful working dogs.

In her spare time, Bella spends her days tending to her vast collection of indoor plants and going on adventure with her dogs; Puggle and Pug, Levi and Bean. In addition to her two pet dogs, she also has two green tree frogs, and loves cooking and catching up with friends.

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Marcello Romeo

About Marcello

Marcello is ALHD’s newest Trainer recruit, commencing his cadetship in late 2019. Marcello is a patient-natured Trainer and a collaborative member of the training team.

Marcello enjoys catching up with his friends and follows the Carlton Football Club. Marcello is a CODA, meaning he is a hearing child of two deaf adults, making AUSLAN Marcello’s first language.

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Luke Guess

About Luke

Luke is ALHD’s newest Cadet Trainer, commencing in June 2021.

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