Become a Puppy Sponsor

Becoming a Puppy Sponsor is an exciting opportunity to contribute directly to one of our puppies in training. It costs approximately $37,000 to raise each puppy to become a Hearing Assistance Dog and we cannot do it without your support. By sponsoring a puppy, you will receive regular updates on their growth and development in the puppy program, and then their training journey to become a Hearing Assistance Dog.

Our puppies come from a variety of rescue organisations and certified ethical breeders. They then spend eight months in the home of a volunteer Foster Carer, before coming into formal Hearing Dog training for six to eight months. Once our dogs pass a Public Access Test, they are placed with a person who is deaf or hard of hearing anywhere across Australia, free-of-charge, thanks to you.


Sponsor “Noodle”.

Noodle was introduced into the Australian Lions Hearing Dogs’ Puppy Program in February 2022. After travelling from regional NSW to join the program, Noodle spent a few nights at our Adelaide Hills National Training Centre before heading to her volunteer foster home for the next eight months. Noodle will learn many incredible skills during this time, supervised by one of our Puppy Socialisation team members, attending puppy preschool and learning to be a polite pup, preparing her as best as possible for her journey to becoming a Hearing Assistance Dog.

By joining as a Puppy Sponsor, you’ll be supporting Noodle throughout her journey to become a Hearing Assistance Dog. During these months, and the following six months in formal training, you will receive regular updates on her progress.

Your support will help Noodle to become a fully accredited Hearing Assistance Dog, and change the life of a person who is deaf or hard of hearing.