Our Staff

Meet our team

Presently we have 14 staff at our National Training Centre in the Adelaide Hills. Our team is small yet efficient, with a low administration overhead and majority of our staff training and working with dogs, including the CEO.

Assisted by volunteers, our Kennel Manager, Jodie, is responsible for the kennel area; washing, feeding and caring for the animals’ daily needs. Part-time Kennel Assistants are also employed to fulfil these roles over the weekends to ensure our dogs’ hygeine and welfare are of the highest standard at all times.

We currently have six full-time Trainers plus our Program Director, Darren, who supervises the training program and performs accreditation assessments for each Hearing Assistance Dog and their recipient. When a new dog performs to the required standards in both their home and in public access situations, the dog becomes a fully accredited Hearing Assistance Dog.

The Trainers source, train and deliver the dogs across Australia and complete administrative duties that support their role as Trainers.

Our Puppy Coordinator, Mary, ushers the puppies selected from credible breeders and puppy rescue centres to their Foster Carers, who live in a close radius to our National Training Centre near Hahndorf. Puppies and their Foster Carers are closely monitored with fortnightly in-home visits during the 7-8 months that they spend together.

Our staff are a close-knit team and have worked their way through the roles of the organisation through dedication and commitment to the services we provide to the deaf and hard of hearing community. All staff are also required to learn basic conversational AUSLAN and many staff choose to continue with AUSLAN studies to improve their communication with the Deaf community.