Our Lions Club

Lions Club of Australian Hearing Dogs

The Lions Club of Australian Hearing Dogs was formed by a group of staff, friends, and volunteers, as an opportunity to provide additional support to recipients of Australian Lions Hearing Dogs.

Many recipients of Australian Lions Hearing Dogs are from low-income households and require additional support to care for their Hearing Assistance Dogs. Whilst all our dogs are provided at no cost to people who are deaf or hard of hearing, the ongoing costs of the dog are worn by the recipient, with vet fees and food costs often a burden, especially in cases of emergencies.

Our Lions Club was formed with a focus of assisting with emergency costs and providing additional support where possible. When a recipient finds themselves in a time of need or financial hardship, not only will ALHD be there to support, but the Club will assess applications for financial support.

One of the many ways we raise funds for the Club is by making snuffle mats for dogs, and selling them to the public for enrichment purposes. Our snuffle mat workshops are enjoyable for our diverse range of Volunteers, and a great opportunity to collaborate on creative projects.

As a National Lions Club, members are encouraged from across Australia to join and attend monthly meetings and other activities via video link.

Lions Clubs Volunteers sitting at table making snuffle mats for dogs
Small dog sniffling through snuffle mat for treats
A group of lions clubs members with an award

How Can I Help?

You can help in a variety of ways! By becoming a member, you are donating your time, as much or as little as you can give. We run a variety of projects throughout the year that include; creating snuffle mats for dogs, fundraising in our local community, and various activities to raise much-needed funds. We are a friendly and collaborative team, and are always looking for more members to join our Lions Club.

For more information on joining or to become a valued member of the Lions Club of Australian Hearing Dogs, please email our Club Secretary at club@lionshearingdogs.com.au or phone our National Training Centre on (08) 8388 7836.