Our Future Vision

ALHD is bursting at the seams

Since our inception in 1980, Australian Lions Hearing Dogs has delivered over 600 dogs to Australians who are deaf or hard of hearing. We are in desperate need of expanding our resources and facility to ensure we can continue to deliver our incredible Hearing Assistance Dogs.

The demand for a Hearing Assistance Dog continues to increase exponentially, with the current waiting period approaching two years. To ensure we continue to change and improve lives, ALHD must build our capacity and infrastructure to maintain quality and grow quantity.

Our Adelaide Hills-based National Headquarters and Training Centre currently trains on average 25 dogs per year, in 2020 delivering 31 Hearing Assistance Dogs across Australia.

The current kennels and training facilities remain as they were when re-purposed from old farm buildings and farm animal enclosures at inception, with the training support building erected in 2002.

Our kennels are full and operational areas are now inadequate to house our loyal staff and volunteers, the facilities are outdated and increasingly no longer fit-for-purpose, creating a need to commence our plans to develop a new training centre.

Polaroid image of the current ALHD building
The current ALHD Administration Building

We Have Plans

If you’d like to know more about our future vision and how you can help, please get in touch via phone to our Chief Executive Officer, David Horne, on 08 8388 7836 or email: ceo@lionshearingdogs.com.au