Some of our previously adopted lovable dropouts

Lovable Dropouts

Our lovable dropouts are dogs who, for any reason, are unable to continue in the Assistance Dog program. We are proud of each dog who comes through our training program, and understanding when a dog is no longer suitable to continue their journey to be a Hearing Assistance Dog.

Thankfully for Australian Lions Hearing Dogs, we don’t have many lovable dropouts become available throughout each year. When a dog is available for adoption, it will most often be featured on our Facebook page and an applications will be opened below for interest. We are unable to keep a waitlist for people looking to adopt, as we consider each a new application for each dog available.

You must be over 18 and willing to care for this dog with the highest level of care. We will disclose any health or behavioural issues to a person interested in adopting should you be a suitable applicant.

Thank you for your interest in our lovable dropout program.

Applications are currently closed, there are no available lovable dropouts.