How We Help

Since 1980, Australian Lions Hearing Dogs (ALHD) have provided a set of “furry ears” to many hundreds of Australians, all made possible from the ongoing support of our generous donors and the Lions Clubs across Australia. Each Hearing Assistance Dog costs ALHD upwards of $37,000 to train, deliver and support, and is gifted free of charge, to its deaf or hard of hearing new owner.

One in six Australians has some form of hearing loss, with this number expected to rise to one in four by 2050. Severe or profound hearing loss currently affects close to 400,000 people. Whilst hearing loss impacts all ages, the numbers are greater in older Australians.

The technological advances with hearing aids and cochlear implants continue to improve, however there are times when something extra is needed. This is where the complementary assistance of an Australian Lions Hearing Dog makes a real difference.

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The impact of hearing loss varies for each individual and Australian Lions Hearing Dogs works with each recipient to create a solution that fits them. Many people who wear hearing aids or use assistive technology are unable to depend on these aids in difficult circumstances or after they go to bed. A Hearing Assistance Dog is often a welcome aid for many who suffer from hearing loss or deafness as it provides the companionship they crave in a socially isolated environment, and the safety and security from common dangers around the home.

Hearing Assistance Dogs not only increase the quality of day-to-day living, they also help alleviate many of the conditions often associated with deafness and hard of hearing, these being depression, anxiety and communication withdrawal. As reported through a recent Federal Government Senate Inquiry into hearing, these conditions have been shown to contribute to cognitive decline and potentially increase by a factor of five, the likelihood of developing dementia.

It’s not just the recipients themselves whose lives are enhanced by their Hearing Assistance Dog, there are also many reported benefits for family, friends and community.