Leave a Gift in Your Will

By leaving a gift in your will, it bestows a great honour

With so many worthy causes, we will regard your bequest to Australian Lions Hearing Dogs as a great honour. It is the careful stewardship of bequests that has enabled us to continue helping people who are deaf or hard of hearing since 1980. Leaving a gift in your Will is an indication of your trust and appreciation of the work that we do, that you understand the impact of hearing loss, and want to provide support to people across Australia who are deaf or hard of hearing. It’s an honour that we will treat with respect and gratitude.

For many people it can be very challenging to think of mortality, to imagine a world without us in it, or to accept this is an eventual fact of life that we have no control over. This is part of the importance of having a current Will; it’s the only way to be sure that your wishes will be met and honoured.

Leaving a legacy of this kind to Australian Lions Hearing Dogs is a way of ensuring that your values of caring for our people, and our dogs, carries on into the future.

No matter how large or small, your gift will enable the continued provision of life changing Hearing Assistance Dogs to deaf and hard of hearing people across Australia. Bequests are made by people from all walks of life and economic circumstances who beyond their lifetimes want to contribute to others. Your bequest is a gift that will give independence, provide safety, purpose in life, connection to family and friends, and feelings of companionship.

Leaving a gift in your Will is one of many ways to become part of our family here at Australian Lions Hearing Dogs. If you would like to support us today, please make a donation. Thank you.

For Solicitors and Executors

The below downloadable information may be helpful to solicitors and executors.

Leaving a Gift in Your Will is Easy

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We encourage you to consider your friends and family, and if you feel it’s appropriate, discuss your intentions with them and/or your solicitor.

There are many ways to reserve a part of an estate for a particular beneficiary. This might include defining your personal assets and property, a fixed sum (pecuniary), or the remainder of your estate after specific legacies have been disbursed (residuary), or a percentage of either the residue or your entire estate.

Residuary and Percentage are the most beneficial to charities like ours because they hold their value over time, resulting in a greater impact.

Feel free to contact us online or by phoning Alix Katala, Fundraising Manager, on (08) 8388 7836.

Your conversation will be treated with confidentiality and in accordance with our Privacy Policy. We do encourage you to seek legal advice from your solicitor or trusted professional before leaving a bequest.

For any documentation associated with gifting a bequest to us, our official name is: Lions Hearing Dogs Inc. ABN: 37 976 454 009. Please also see our download you are welcome to forward onto your solicitor for assistance in leaving a gift in your Will to Australian Lions Hearing Dogs.