“Words can’t describe how she has changed my life.”

I am 72 years old, profoundly deaf and live on my own in Darwin with my Hearing Dog, Hetty. We’ve been together since 2016, she never leaves me and she looks after me.

On one occasion the apartments in my building were being broken into during the early hours of a morning. Of course I couldn’t hear anything but Hetty woke me up and literally flew at the front door a few times. Hetty’s actions must have frightened them away, all of the other apartments were broken into. I feel more secure with her.

I’m getting older and often unsteady on my feet, she started to walk very slowly, one step at a time and then stops, checking up on me. She senses if something isn’t right and will lay down in front of me to stop me if she thinks it is unsafe. Once she stopped me from walking in front of a car.

She makes me feel safe, she even helps my son worry less about me, he thinks she’s wonderful.

She is amazing, words can’t describe how she has changed my life.

Rhonda and Hetty
(Northern Territory 2019)