“He makes me feel more connected, safer and happier.”

I am 90 years old and my wife Jenny and I live in a retirement Village.  My hearing started to deteriorate when I was 40, probably accelerated by my job as an aircraft engineer. The problem gradually increased over the years. In 2013 I had a Cochlear implant. This resulted in me losing what little hearing I had.

I felt lonely & isolated when Jenny was out. At my age, most of my old friends have died so I seldom received a visitor.  I used to just sit and dwell on things.

Then Ziggy was delivered on the 10th April 2019 and things changed. He makes me feel more connected, safer and happier.  I often take him on my scooter up to the Aged Care Facility connected to our Village.  The residents love to see him and it does me good to see their smiling faces.  Ziggy has definitely made a difference in my social life. People who have never spoken to me before, now stop and chat.

Jenny is happy knowing I have a companion who will alert me if there is a knock on the door or the smoke alarm goes off while she’s out.

Peter and Ziggy
(Lindisfane, Tasmania 2019)

Pete & Ziggy
Pete & Ziggy