“He has improved my confidence levels 100%.”

Donut came to me in 2011. He is my consolation prize for going deaf.

Before he came into my life I was struggling with my hearing loss and embarrassed to admit to strangers that I was deaf. With Donut beside me I’ve learnt, it’s not my fault, and not to be embarrassed about it. He has improved my confidence levels 100%.

I work in aged care, not only is he great therapy for me, but my old frail clients need him too.

He is an active dog, so two walks a day is good for us both. I’ve lost 3 kg since he came to live with me.

People are aware that I am deaf with Donut there, and that I may need assistance with communication, which is wonderful. I have met some great people with Donut’s help and friendships have been made.

I hope more hearing impaired people will be able to experience life with a Hearing Dog, more needs to be done to offer these dogs to people in need. Australian Lions Hearing Dogs is such a deserving organisation.

Pauline and Donut
(Victoria 2019)