“I feel safer, more purposeful and not as lonely.”

As my hearing got worse and worse, I tended to stay home more. I found not being able to hear people very well extremely frustrating. I’d always been very active in my community, I gave up.

​​When Jackie came into my life in late 2015 things changed for the better in so many ways, Jackie does my hearing for me with her alerting me to various sounds…phone, doors, alarm clock, smoke detector, and timer.

​​​She gives me the confidence to go out. I talk to people more, as soon as they see her they ask so many questions. I also feel more secure at home, when we first moved in, she frightened off a person trying to break in.

I feel safer, more purposeful and not as lonely. I need to ensure Jackie’s well being so she can do her job well. This makes me have exercise and be responsible for her. She motivates me to do something other than just sitting at home.

​Ever since I’ve had Jackie she would wake me several times during the night by tapping my toes even though she knows I don’t like it. As it turned out I was stopping breathing sometimes for a minute or so during the night and Jackie would tap my toes till I woke up.

​​She taught herself to do that, I now have a CPAP machine.

Leonie and Jackie