“I have my independence and sense of security back.”

I’m only 44 years old. The cause of my declining and now severe hearing loss is believed to be auto-immune but unproven. Before Baxter’s arrival, I had become a hermit. I wouldn’t go out unless surrounded by my family members or I’d make excuses to not go. I had many near accidents in car parks and crossing roads.

I cut nearly everyone out of my life and had spiraled into depression. I even moved my office to home so I didn’t have to deal with people. I couldn’t function. My kids would call for me but I couldn’t hear them. I was useless to do my job as a mother.

Now with Baxter I can go to town without a posse of family members and navigate a car park without being continuously on alert and frightened.

I know when people are calling out to me and I’m being social again. There are no longer kids crying for help from a mummy who doesn’t respond because she can’t hear. My family can smile and laugh again too. Baxter hasn’t just changed my life, he has changed an entire family’s life. My oldest has had the confidence to move out of the family home. Baxter can do her job now, allowing her the freedom to get on with her life.

I’m contributing to our family again, I’m reconnecting with friends and even extended family members. I’m busy helping our business move forward and grow again. I’m even thinking of up-skilling and taking some classes.

I have my independence and sense of security back, I’m feeling more confidence and it’s all thanks to Baxter and Australian Lions Hearings Dog.

Kylie and Baxter
(Western Australia 2019)

Image of a black Labrador, Baxter, in an ALHD jacket sitting on the footpath looking at camera
Kylie's Baxter in Training