“She is a genuine life-saver! ”

I was born with a hereditary hearing loss, which escalated to profound deafness following a skiing accident and then some years later a side-effect from a prescribed medication.

I received my Hearing Dog Sydney, a female Beaglier in 2014.

Despite my hearing impairment, I was always eager, smart and outgoing, and this eventually led me into a senior management position in IT. I have Cochlear implants in both ears. My brother Robert and I share a house, he too has very poor hearing. When we remove our hearing devices at night time, neither of us can hear and my Hearing Dog becomes our ears.

Whether it’s a knock at the door, the telephone ringing, the alarm clock, or most importantly a smoke alarm siren, along with many other important sounds, my Hearing Dog will immediately alert me. My Hearing Dog provides us with a greater sense of security when at home and assists us when we can’t hear and in particular during medical emergencies.

Hearing impairment can cause isolation and sometimes lead to depression. I believe any animal will create a heightened level of well being for its master. A Hearing Dog is not only a very useful tool for helping a hearing-impaired person in their life, but it also provides companionship that often cannot be matched by any human. I love my Hearing Dog Sydney, and I know she loves me too!

My brother has various medical problems, when needed, he can use the “GO GET” command and Sydney will immediately guide me to him. Sydney has helped me to assist Robert on several occasions. She is a genuine life-saver!

Faye and Sydney
(New South Wales 2019)

Faye & Sydney
Faye & Sydney