“I would be lost without her now.”

I am 54 and a retired Aged Care Nurse.  I suffer from Meniere’s Disease and can no longer work.

I was not born deaf, but due to Sensorineural hearing loss, and Meniere’s Disease, I am almost deaf. My life was very lonely, and I felt socially isolated because of my hearing loss.

Since 21 January 2019, the day I received Gidget my life has changed in ways that are too numerous to mention!  She has given me back my self confidence, and we now have so many friends everywhere we go!

Gidget makes me want to go out and engage in the community, and we are always stopping and talking to people, who want to know what an ALHD is and does.

Gidget has improved my socialising, and I am now back to doing something that I love – Public Speaking.   She has given me so much to live for now, as I didn’t have much to live for before she came into my life, I would be lost without her now.

Elizabeth and Gidget
(Gold Coast, Queensland 2019)