April 2022 Newsletter

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CEO Update

As I write this update we are only weeks away from celebrating the very first National Hearing Dog Day which is 40 years to the day since our very first Hearing Assistance Dog, Amber, was placed.

I would like to thank all those involved with making National Hearing Dog Day become a reality, firstly our fantastic team who, behind the scenes, have developed the idea, created an amazing public campaign and organised the orange shoelaces which will give people an opportunity to publicly show their support for the program. To all of our recipients who have given their stories and participated in our media campaign, I thank you as well.

Our dog services team can’t be forgotten, with the first three months of the year being more busier than ever. Dogs have been going all over the country, with 11 Hearing Dogs placed by the end of March. Through all of this we also completed our audit by Assistance Dogs International, which occurs every five years, to ensure that we are meeting the high standards set by our industry.

After six years the Chair of ALHD, PDG Rhys Roberts OAM, will be stepping down at the end of June with the conclusion of his second term in the role. Rhys’ time as Chair has seen a great deal of changes within the organisation with the implementation of new programs and the start of the Training Centre redevelopment. We would like to thank Rhys for his enormous contribution during his tenure and he will be missed.

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