Our current recipients and applicants range in ages from 18 years to mid 90’s. Their life circumstances also vary significantly from students, to business owners, employed people, people whose collective disabilities prevent them from working and those who have retired. You will find our Hearing Assistance Dogs all around Australia; living in family situations, with couples, some in supported living arrangements and some with people living alone.

Like people, all dogs are different. Hearing Dogs come in different shapes and sizes and all have their own special character. With so many years accumulated experience we’ve become very good at choosing dogs that become successful Hearing Assistance Dogs. This applies to both the dogs that have been selected from dog rescue organisations and the puppies we source from reputable breeders.

You cannot select your own dog, but we take great care in matching you with a suitable dog that meets as many of your requirements as possible. We always consult with the applicant before a final decision is made.

In nearly all cases the match between dog and owner are very successful and a lifelong, loving partnership is formed.

Please also note that whilst in is fine to have other pets or animals living in proximity, for Hearing Dogs it has to be a single dog household.

Chris and Chewie
Chris and Chewie