Public Access and Identifying a Hearing Assistance Dog

All accredited Hearing Assistance Dogs have public access rights. What does that mean? It means that they have the same access as Guide Dogs for the Blind; there are only a small handful of places that can deny access to a Hearing Assistance Dog.

A Hearing Assistance Dog will be accredited when they have been assessed and passed a full Public Access Test; a test that is completed by a qualified Assessor of Australian Lions Hearing Dogs. Each Hearing Assistance Dog owner/handler will also be supplied with an official ID card, including a photo of the accredited dog.

Questions regarding accreditation or access can be directed to our Program Director, Darren Coldwell at or 0417 859 668.

Access Rights and Advocacy Contacts

Australian Human Rights Commission
(02) 9284 9600

Attorney General’s Department
(02) 6141 6666

NEW SOUTH WALES – New South Wales Public Service Commission
(02) 9272 6000

Australian Capital Territory Human Rights Commission
(02) 6205 2222

Anti-Discrimination Commission Queensland
1300 130 670

Northern Territory Anti Discrimination Commission
1800 813 846

Equal Opportunity Tasmania
1300 305 062

Victorian Equal Opportunities & Human Rights Commission
1300 292 153

South Australian Equal Opportunity Commission
(08) 8207 1977

Western Australia Equal Opportunities Commission
(08) 9216 3900