ALHD’s 600th Dog, Jakeb

Labradoodle, Jakeb, becomes Australian Lions Hearing Dogs’ 600th dog to be delivered to a person with hearing loss.Jakeb was ALHD’s 600th dog to be delivered, a very proud milestone for the organisation and even prouder for Jakeb’s recipient.

Jakeb is a Labradoodle sourced from NicNak Labradoodles and raised in our Puppy Foster Care program. After returning to the ALHD National Training Centre in mid-2019, Jakeb commenced his training to become a Hearing Assistance Dog, excelling throughout the program.

In late 2019, Jakeb was delivered to a deaf recipient in Melbourne, and now lives with her and her young family. Jakeb’s delivery made headlines across the country as one of the 25 dogs delivered in 2019 alone.